Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009

Bang Bros - Raylene

Tragic when marriages don't end up working out, but very fortunate for the rest of us when we receive a sex tape with a smoking hot busty ex-wife showing off her blowjob techniques and devotion to an awesome fuck session...




Rabu, 28 Januari 2009

Bangbus – Madison Fox

What’s up people from all over the world, yes you read correct we have a couple that comes with us on this update and we actually make the guy propose right then and there to his girl lol for all of you to view, the guy doesn’t want anything to do with what’s going on but he is game and what the hell and he is getting some cash for doing it, so what the hell i ante up the stakes and ask her to get a little bit more intimate with the guy i mean what the hell we are talking about her future husband lo, Guys i enjoyed shooting this and can guarantee that you guys will enjoy it just as much viewing it, Stay tuned, peaace

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ReLeaSe - BangBus.09.07.29.

Madison.Foxx.Bangbus.First.Marriage.Proposal. XXX.WMV-CuMBuCKeTS


Size - 904MB

Resolution - 720 x 406

Bitrate - 1548Kbps

Runtime - 01:21:00

ReLeaSe DaTe - July 29, 2009

RiPPeR - Ron Jeremy Genre(s) -

Reality, Hardcore



Jumat, 23 Januari 2009

Bangbus - Cherry Ferretti

Host Location:HotfileFile

Size:645 mbFile

Format :wmvMovie

Runtime :57:52 mins

Split Files:2


Hey what's up fellas this weeks update was quite unique, I actuallytried to pick up a chick with the lines that i used back in the day iniowa but man rude awakening those days are long gone lol this girl juststraight laughed at me lol but as usual we did find some common groundin video games and man who would think that a girl this hot would besuch a nerd lol she was more of a nerd than me lol, so yea i convinceher to hop in with us by pretty much telling her that i would buy hersome game she wanted, so it came cheap one game versus the slew of cashthat i usually throw at these women just to come with us, so you do themath, Anyway its a really good shoot. Enjoy, Stay tuned!!


Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

Bang Bros - Lisa Lee

This week we have a bad ass, literally! has the finest ass! Slamming nalgas, if you know what I mean. Lisa also has the finest rack money could buy! She wanted to hook up and meet a new friend, possibly a cool fuck buddy she could be slamming on her off time. So we decided to set her up with Tommy Defendi. He's got a great sense of humor, but there is something off about him. Turns out he likes to bang couples. He likes to be the meat in their pastrami sandwich if you know what I mean. As weird as that is, we thought these two could make an excellent combination. So who know, maybe it’ll happen. We just want to know one important thing...Can a regular dude and a pornstar get together and if so CAN HE SCORE?




Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009

Bang Bros - Raylene

Tragic when marriages don't end up working out, but very fortunate for the rest of us when we receive a sex tape with a smoking hot busty ex-wife showing off her blowjob techniques and devotion to an awesome fuck session...




Kamis, 08 Januari 2009

BackRoomMILF – Cory Chase – Jersey Shore Milf

Milf lovers, you guys are gonna like this one! A sexy mom, Corey Chase came to me straight form the Jersey Shore interested in making some extra doe. Once I got a good look at her, there was no way I was turning this broad down. I have yet to see her naked and my cock was already rock solid. You know me, I have to see what’s underneath those clothes. Once she got undress it was kind of hard to contain myself. All I wanted to do was jump her bones and shove my cock in her tight pussy hole. I mean this babe had what I love, a nice pair of nibbling tits, a round ass, and a tight pussy. She sat on my desk pleasuring herself, making her her pussy drip. Wasting no more time, I shoved my cock inside her tight glory hole and fucked her on my desk. Dude! All I have to say is that I enjoyed every minute of this Jersey Shore Pussy. Check this shit out. Peace!

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part II

Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

BackRoomMILF – Kalani Breeze – Cougar on the Prowl

Today a sexy Milf stopped by my office looking for some part-time pay. Her girl-friends told her that Bang Bros. is the place to be. She came through wearing a leopard print tube top and a pair of booty shorts looking very sexy. I had her take her clothes off so I can get a better look at her body. My cock became hard as a brick wall once I seen that this babe had huge tits, a perfect round ass, and a thick pussy with juicy lips. After seeing what her body looked like, I wasted no time at all laying her on my desk fucking her while she screamed with pleasure. Her pussy lips clamped on my cock squeezing it as I fucked her and busted a nut all over her face. You guys need to check this sexy Milf in action. Enjoy!


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Selasa, 06 Januari 2009

Backroom Milf – Nice to meet you, wanna fuck – Val Malone

Hey there joey ray bringing you this weeks backroom update and with us we have the beautiful Val Malone and man even before we introduced each other she was already doing her thing with the toys that i have laying around for this same situation lol, we introduced ourselves while she was giving me a mean blow job and man is she good at that then she hops on my cock and the rest is history, Guys don’t miss this shoot, Joey ray signing out..Peace!!

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Senin, 05 Januari 2009

BackRoom MILF – Diana Prince

Here you have Diana Prince, sweet, soft spoken, into anime, into video games, and she’s a freak, my friends, the girl’s got outstanding qualities, oh and I haven’t even mentioned the fact that she’s soo fucking hot!!!! Lights eyes, thin face, a fat ass, and huge tits! She loves to suck cock but she prefers to get fucked even more!! Not only that, but she also takes cock in the ass without a hesitation. Check it out!

Size 564.94 MB

Sabtu, 03 Januari 2009

Backroom MILF – Shyra

It’s Sheer Satisfaction when Shyra Sheer comes through, cause boy she’s fine!!! A sexy ass face, a fat ass, and huge tits!! She came to pay Joey a visit, she’s trying to keep it from her boyfriend but that won’t last, what will last is how good Sheer takes the cock. It was no time wasting, she was all about getting it in and keeping it going. Joey was anxious to get his hands on her and when he did, he didn’t stop until he busted a load on her face.

Run Time 38:59
Size 433.99 MB

Jumat, 02 Januari 2009

BackRoomMILF – Sophia Lynn – Mom Knows Best

What’s up mom cravers? It’s me, Joey Ray back with another interesting flick of Back- Room- Milf. This one seems a bit interesting, this hottie with a body Sophia, stop by my office looking for a gig for extra pay and this chick spoke her mind informing me that she is not at all shy about her sexuality. She told me that she likes the affection of a man and a woman. She love sucking stiff cocks , but also loves the taste of a woman’s body. Now thats what I call my type of lady! This Milf is a freak and I fucked her on my desk enjoying every minute of it as she watched until I busted a huge load on her face. Check it out!

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Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

BackRoomMILF – Jessi Stone, Neesa, Her Nieces Best Friend

So today Joey has a double treat, he gets a chance to bang a smoking hot MILF who brings along her niece’s best friend. She wants to get started in porn so what better way then to bring her along to watch. This duo is electrifying and makes this a hot scene, and watching both of them get pounded almost made me blow my load. Its not everyday we get to see a MILF and smoking hot teen get pounded all in the same day. Enjoy

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